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A Game of Thrones: Battle of the Trident

Date: Sunday December 10th

Entry: $5

Decide the Game’s Path

The Trident is a massive river flowing through Westeros, which branches into three forks.

Each fork leads to a different destination, and it is that decision which will prove most crucial.

Cast your vote for which fork will be followed and which of three Agenda cards will be published in a future expansion.

The Blue Fork - Knights of the Realm.

The knights of the Seven Kingdoms come together under the banner of this agenda,

which allows a player to include Knight characters from multiple factions in his or her deck.

The Red Fork- A Call to Arms.

The Army characters of multiple Great Houses and factions become the most prominent figures in

The Game of Thrones when they combine their forces under this agenda.

The Green Fork- The Conclave of the Maesters.

Is a maester loyal to his House, or do his loyalties lie with the Citadel?

This agenda brings the Maesters of Westeros from multiple factions together in the pursuit of a unified cause.


Participation - Alt Art Summons and a Vote towards the path of their choice.

First Place - Playmat of the Red Keep in Kings Landing along with 10 extra votes for the Path of their choice.

A Game of Thrones Store Championship

Date: Sunday January 8th

Cost: $10

Registration @ 10:00, Start Time @ 11:00.

4-5 Rounds With Top Cut as based on FFG Tournament Rules.

-Relaxed Tournament Tier

-Basic Tournament Structure


Top 32 - Alternate art card “Syrio Forel”

Top 8 - Syrio Forel deckbox.

Top 4 - Playmat depicting Ser Robar Royce.

Top 2 - A printed “Tears of Lys” acrylic token.

First Place - A color printed plaque and a first round bye to a 2017 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Regional Championship of their choice!

Aether Revolt Pre-Release Event

Date: Jan 14th & 15th

Entry: $35

-Midnight Sealed After FNM

-Saturday Noon Sealed

-Saturday 5:00pm Sealed

-Sunday Noon Two-Headed Sealed

-Sunday 5:00pm Sealed

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